BEN AFFLECK has finally joined Twitter, according to the star news.

Welcome to Twitterverse, Ben!

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It’s always fun when celebrities join Twitter where Hollywood celebrities get to interact with their fans from all over the world and at the same time, their fans get to be updated with their every move…

But while many celebrities have signed up and stay on the online social networking site to build their following, update their fans about their music, flaunt their sizzling bods or to simply get some attention by posting downright crazy photos, it seems Ben Affleck, who now didn’t register to do any of those.

His first tweet pretty much explains his purpose for joining the bandwagon:

“Timing feels right to bring awareness to what’s happening in the #Congo today & to share my stories from this part of the world.#DRC”

See? Ben‘s not exactly out to make friends… He’s bringing awareness to the problems in Congo and promoting the Eastern Congo Initiative, which he founded.

Read more about his calls to action on his new Twitter handle, @benaffleck!

Photo By PR Photos

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