According to celebrity news, CHARLIE SHEEN‘s ex-wife BROOKE MUELLER checked herself into rehab… again. Yes, just four months after her last stint.

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It seems Brooke is too troubled that one or two rehab treatments in a year is just not enough to get herself back on track, because she has entered an undisclosed in-patient rehab facility a few weeks ago following her extended stay earlier this year.

Although it had been unclear why—there was no sign of any drugs or any heads up that she was indeed planning to check herself in—sources say that her ex-husband Charlie did notice that she seemed “out of it” when she dropped by to see him prior to the rehab admission.

Wonder why she never got around to telling Charlie what she was up to… He has been unusually supportive of her recovery, after all.

On the other hand, we’re glad that she’s taken the initiative to get better and realized that nothing would suck more than being addicted to drugs and losing custody of her kids in the process.

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