DEENA CORTESE looked totally wasted in her latest mug shot taken following her arrest in New Jersey last weekend for disorderly conduct, star news has learned.

See for yourself:

deena cortese mug shot

Are you there Deena?

It seems the “Jersey Shore” star still had the imaginary music pumping in her head as her mug shot was taken because she obviously looked out of it. As previously reported, the buxom reality star was cuffed for dancing while drunk in the streets of Seaside Heights in New Jersey in the middle of moving traffic.

Everything ended quite well a while after this wasted mug shot, however, as Deena was later bailed and escorted by her own parents from jail.

And she lived happily ever after… Well, at least until her arraignment on July 3.

What do you think of Deena‘s mug shot?

Photo Via TMZ

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