Celebrity news tells us that JUSTIN BIEBER used his “Twitter powers” to help “Today Show” host MATT LAUER get millions of followers on his new account… and for a reason!

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We all know Justin Bieber is influential in so many ways and that he’s able to literally make a humongous group of people (well, mostly crazed females) act on something with a single tweet… and it’s all possible because of the teen pop star’s apparent appeal and over 23 MILLION followers on Twitter!

And in hopes of using Justin‘s Twitter super powers for a “good” cause, Matt Lauer asked the 18-year-old heartthrob to help him build his following on his new handle, @mlauer, during their interview on the “Today Show.”

Lauer then gave his iPhone to Bieber, who took the chance to plug his upcoming “Believe” album instead of following Lauer‘s request that he posted a regular first tweet.

Justin typed in “Lauer‘s” first ever post on Twitter:

“Hello. Everyone go buy Justin bieber’s album #believe coming out June 19th.”

With Justin still on Lauer‘s phone, the first tweet was followed up with:

“If u want to find out Justins [sic] first song hes performing tweet me”

The pop star later “retweeted” Lauer‘s post and within minutes, Lauer earned himself thousands of new followers! But he still needs at least 750,000 followers by Tuesday.

Check out the video to find out why:

Will you be following Lauer on Twitter?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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