Recent entertainment news reports that MADONNA voluntarily flashed her right boob for her audience during her concert in Istanbul last week.


madonna flash right boob

Madonna shocked us with her fearlessness when she was younger and she continues to, even at the age of 53. While many celebrities suffer from an accidental nip slip here and there, Madonna actually flashed her fun bag boob on purpose in the middle of her performance for her fans in Turkey late last week.

The crowd roared as soon as the Queen of Pop lowered her black bra to expose her right breast, probably in delight, but we honestly don’t get it. Don’t call us crazy, you know it seems to be just another unoriginal act to get everybody’s attention.

Would you have wanted to see that live?

If yes, then watch the clip starting at the 2:58 mark:

What do you think of Madonna‘s little onstage stunt?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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