STACY KEIBLER has always been blond, and she recently admitted to star news that she wouldn’t know what to do if she wasn’t a blond anymore.

Oh Stacy, there’s not much difference!

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Unlike most female celebrities, Stacy has never actually changed the color of her hair—she’s a natural blond, mind you, and she’s proud of it! When asked if she could having a different colored hair for a change, the former WWE wrestler who recently joined John Frieda‘s HAIRraising campaign under the mantra “lighter, brighter, happier” has a hard time envisioning it.

The TV actress was able to snag George Clooney with her gorgeous sunny locks and has been paid a large amount of attention partly because of it—and her kick ass physique that she very much showcased back in her wrestling days. Is she ready to try doing with a darker color, for instance?

Stacy admitted to Us Weekly:

“You know I never say never. I think it would be fun. I just, I wouldn’t even know what to do because I’ve always been blonde!”

We get it though… Imagine waking up for more than 30 years and suddenly seeing yourself with a dimmer or much brighter hair?

Wouldn’t Stacy look good as a brunette though? We imagine that she would look a little tougher and even more sexier, of course.

Don’t you think?

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