JUSTIN BIEBER‘s paparazzo highway pursuer who reportedly led a dangerous car chase for the sake of photographs of the pop star in L.A. last July 6, has been charged under a new law, according to Hollywood news.

Good riddance!

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The determined paparazzo who led a high-speed chase in L.A. for photos of Justin Bieber on July 6 has finally been charged under a new law that now considers a dangerous pursuit of a celebrity for photographs a crime.

While Bieber was cited for speeding in his flashy Fisker Karma to get away from the pap, freelance pap photographer Paul Raef was hit by an L.A. City Attorney with a total of four driving-related counts.

Raef, who is the first to fall under the new law signed in 2010, was charged for two counts of following a vehicle too closely and reckless driving with intent to take pictures for commercial gain, one count of regular reckless driving and another count of failing to obey the lawful order of a peace officer to pull over.

If guilty and convicted for all four counts, Raef will face up to 1 year in the slammer.

Tough luck.

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