KATIE HOLMES got primary custody of her daughter SURI in her recently resolved TOM CRUISE divorce, Hollywood news reports.

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Katie may have fought hard for her much-awaited freedom and her wish to get sole custody of her 6-year-old daughter, Suri, but in the end, she got exactly what she wanted.

Almost two weeks after she filed for divorce from Tom, the actress finally got the legal right to keep Suri to herself but with some allowances for Tom to visit her—this according to the final divorce settlement arranged by the couple’s lawyers.

A source revealed to Us Weekly:

Katie was really smart about how she did this. Tom will be allowed to see Suri but there are guidelines for the visits.”

The source also shared:

Tom is really sad at the thought of not being able to see Suri. You can tell he really loves his kids.”

As previously reported, Tom was recently heartbroken after not being able to see Katie or his daughter on his 50th birthday. This time, Katie had no choice but to agree to a lot of conditions regarding the new custody arrangement.

A second source said:

“There are a lot [of provisions] there . . . From what I heard it was complicated, and one of the provisions is confidentiality. But Katie doesn’t care. She’s free with her daughter.”

At least Tom still gets to see his daughter, right?

Nonetheless, it’s still a really sad ending for the Tom-Kat Hollywood romance.

Do you think Katie can raise Suri all on her own?

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