Star news reveals that in the latest episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” KOURTNEY and KIM KARDASHIAN slammed their sister KHLOE for putting her husband LAMAR ODOM first.

What is so wrong about that?

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The latest episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” showed Khloe‘s bittersweet move back to Los Angeles after her husband, Lamar Odomwas dropped from the Dallas Mavericks team.

As you may remember, it was also one of the most trying times between the couple as they also pulled the plug on their reality show later on to focus on Lamar‘s training. Khloe found herself supporting her husband more than ever and giving more importance to her marriage than the fame business and her infamous TV family.

Unfortunately, it didn’t sit well with her closest sisters.

As soon as she got back from their Dallas home, Khloe immediately got an invite to Scott Disick‘s RYU Japanese restaurant opening in New York. While it sounded like a fun event to catch up with her family, Khloe ranted:

“I literally just got back to L.A. and I’m being asked to go to New York for Scott‘s restaurant opening. But what my family doesn’t get is I’m going through a million different emotions in my head.”

She ended up arguing with her sisters, even going as far as telling Kim and the pregnant Kourtney:

“You two are calling me out? Kim, your system hasn’t really worked. And Kourtney, you and your boyfriend don’t even sleep in the same room anymore. So, I have to do what’s best for me in my marriage.”

Her two sisters even brought up the fact that Khloe missed Christmas last year. Khloe ended up promising:

“Fine, no exceptions next year. F–k off.”

Kim then said to Khloe resolutely:

“You’re very family oriented with the Odoms. You’re officially an Odom.”

We can’t help but side with Khloe here. That’s what wives should be doing, after all!

But then again, Kim and Kourtney never really had husbands so they can’t possibly understand what Khloe is really going through…

So whose side are you on? The sisters’ or Khloe‘s?

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