According to the latest Hollywood gossip, KRISTEN STEWART is “very confident” that her boyfriend ROBERT PATTINSON will stay with her despite her shocking cheating scandal with a married man.

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Following the jaw-dropping news of Kristen’s adulterous affair (she cheated on Rob with her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders), for which she says she is “deeply sorry” for, celebrity gossip websites have learned that the “Twilight” star is reportedly convinced that she can win her boyfriend back… and that they’ll be kissing and making up in no time.

Uh… don’t hold your breath, Kristen.

A source tells

Kristen is pulling out all the stops with Rob, completely apologizing and trying to make things right with him, but she is very confident that she is going to win his trust back.”

The insider continues:

Kristen is doing everything in her power to keep Rob from breaking up with her… She knows how much he loves her and she really believes that she is going to keep him from dumping her.”

We think it is possible that Rob won’t break up with her, if this truly was a one-time thing… and Kristen does claim that the affair was simply a “momentary indiscretion” on her part.

But in our opinion, it will be very hard for Kristen to prove to Rob that her illicit affair with Sanders, who is nearly 20 years her senior and is married to model Liberty Ross, was just a fleeting romance, because the two were just snapped making out (in a car!) and cuddling with each other as recently as July 17!

Now, considering the fact that they filmed “Snow White and the Huntsman” last year… and the fact that it would have made more sense for their torrid affair to have occurred on set rather than after filming if we were to believe that it was a “momentary indiscretion”… it would make more sense to conclude that the cheating was not an “in the heat of the moment” thing, but an ongoing affair that may have been going on since last year.

But of course, that’s just speculation on our part.

The Kristen source adds:

“She wants to make it work. She’s trying to put this in the past and move on with her life with Rob.”

The past? She was making out with her other man just last week!

Do you think Rob should forgive Kristen?

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