Hollywood news has learned that KRISTEN STEWART was wearing ROBERT PATTINSON’s baseball cap while she engaged in a steamy tryst with married director RUPERT SANDERS!

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Kristen cheating on her boyfriend Rob with a married man is currently the hottest topic of discussion amongst celebrity gossip websites, and this latest revelation may be trivial compared to the one about Rob moving out of their home or the one where sources claim that she never had sex with Rupert Sanders… but still, we think it makes her betrayal just a teeny bit more hurtful.

The news of Kristen’s shocking affair with married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders were accompanied by incredibly damning photos of the two cuddling in broad daylight and later making out inside a car on July 17, and both sets of photos simply showed Kristen wearing a grungy white tank top.

But a new photo from that fateful day shows Stewart driving a car (obviously the same car they made out in) with Sanders in the passenger seat, wearing the white tank top, dark sunglasses, and a dark blue L.A. Dodgers baseball cap that is possibly the same one that her cuckolded boyfriend Pattinson is frequently seen wearing when he’s not on the red carpet.

Having an affair is bad enough, but wearing your boyfriend’s hat while you do it?

Now that’s cold.

Photos By PR Photos / Dodgers Shop

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