MICHAEL JACKSON‘s daughter PARIS recently called her uncle a liar in a raging family feud over her father’s controversial will.


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The Jackson family never really settled down since Michael‘s will was released a week after his death in June 2009. The will—which entitled his mother, Katherine, and his children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, to get his £300 million estate and a family trust—didn’t mention any other family member or former lovers.

Not surprisingly, this didn’t quite sit well with some of the King of Pop’s famous siblings—Janet, Jermaine, Tito, Randy, Rebbie.

The siblings then sent an angry letter to John Branca and John McClain, the men overseeing Michael’s estate, arguing that it was “fake, flawed and fraudulent” and that their 82-year-old mother, Katherine, ended up suffering a mini-stroke because of all the family drama.

According to E! News, the letter stated:

“This has to stop now: No more! Your heartless pursuit of wealth, fame and power is at the expense of our family, whose deepest desire is to give the world a gift of hope, love and unity through our music.”

Estate spokesman Jim Bates dismissed the claim, saying:

“Any doubts about the validity of Michael‘s will and his selection of executors were thoroughly and completely debunked two years ago when a challenge was rejected by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the California Court of Appeals and, finally, the California Supreme Court.”

As for the 14-year-old Paris, she took to Twitter her frustration on Wednesday:

“I am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened. She is completely fine. I’d like to know who made up the rumor.”

The aspiring actress later deleted her first tweet, but continued to say:

“I will defend my beloved family member with all I have, even if it means from other family members.”

Paris then tweeted her uncle Randy directly—which she also deleted later on—saying:

“Hello, dear family member. I don’t appreciate you telling everyone things that aren’t true, thank you very much.”

Yesterday, she followed up her tweets with:

“At this point I don’t care what people call me or if they think I’m a bad person. If it means sticking up for my grandmother, I will do it.”

While we admire this young girl’s fearlessness, we can’t help but wish Twitter was non-existent so she can voice out her opinions more privately.

Do you think Paris deserves to be commended for her actions or should she apologize for disrespecting her uncle online?

Photo Via Paris Jackson‘s Twitter

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