According to the latest star news, OCTOMOM recently hit the recording studio… to record a dance song!


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Octomom has done it all… Well, maybe not all, but she sure has gone from being a mother of 14, a bankrupt mom after being on welfare, to posing nude for rent money, turning herself into a full-pledged porn star, and now, to being a singer!

Yes, a singer!

Nadya Suleman has reportedly singed a record deal with Global Groove Entertainment and has recently cut a dance track called “Get on the Dance Floor” where she sang and rapped.

Not only that, the track is being produced by DJ Mr. Mig and Mike Rizzo, both of whom have worked with legit world-renowned artists like Britney Spears, Usher, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

But how did it happen?

TMZ reported:

“Sources tell us … the recording gig came about thanks to Octo‘s sex tape. We’re told she felt so liberated after filming the self-pleasure video, she wanted to find another way to express herself. “

Apparently, she was so serious about the new gig too that she took two voice lessons in preparation for the recording of “Get on the Dance Floor” with singer, Adam Barta.

Will you be listening to Octo‘s song when it comes out on August 1?

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