Hollywood news has learned that TOM CRUISE reportedly “begged” estranged wife KATIE HOLMES to fly out to Iceland to celebrate his birthday with him…

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…but of course, we all know that Katie decided to file for divorce instead.


Cruise was in Iceland shooting his new film “Oblivion” when he learned that his wife had filed divorce papers, and since it was pretty obvious that Holmes had no intention of joining him, the actor, who turned 50 years old on Tuesday, decided to fly back to California to celebrate in the States.

Katie meanwhile, is still in New York—sans wedding ring.

An insider tells Us Weekly:

“[Tom] begged her to come to Iceland for one last try at reconciliation.”

But Katie, who had already reached the final stages of her plot to divorce Tom, refused… to the “Rock of Ages” star’s dismay.

The source continues:

“He was confident he could talk her out of it and keep her with him.”

Too bad his confidence was misplaced.

But don’t you think it’s kinda sad that Katie dropped this bombshell on Tom right before his birthday?

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