Hollywood gossip tells us that TOM CRUISE was spotted smiling and has finally taken off his wedding ring a day after he and KATIE HOLMES reached a divorce settlement.

Katie who?

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After the then-married Katie took New York by storm like a newly freed prisoner would just a day or two after filing for divorce, it was finally Tom‘s turn to look happy.

A newly single Tom continued filming for “Oblivion” in California a day after his and Katie‘s lawyers have reached a quick divorce settlement where Katie got sole custody of their child, Suri.

Us Weekly reported of the actor’s “moving on” strategy:

Tom just wants to work hard and finish everything on time.”

Anyway, we’re sure the “Rock of Ages” realizes that he no longer has to feel torn up and depressed—he may have been ditched for being a devoted follower of Scientology, which Katie made clear she wasn’t a fan of, but the man probably knows his worth.

Anyway, what woman wouldn’t want to run after a wedding ring-less Tom Cruise?


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