EVAN RACHEL WOOD recently made a joke about the pixie-haired MILEY CYRUS being “gay,” according to the latest star news.

Sure, that’s why she’s engaged to a hot actor, right?

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While Miley seems to let everyone know that she is now a hot, grown woman with her sexy Twitter photos, one of her latest photo uploads—in which Miley debuted her shocking boy cut—seems to mean a whole other thing for Evan Rachel Wood.

According to Wood, the engaged 19-year-old could be hinting that she is turning gay.

Wood tweeted (and deleted) earlier this month:

“I called it! Miley cyrus is leaning toward gay.”

The actress later received backlash for the comment and on Thursday, she defended her joke:

“I myself am bisexual and have always ‘joked’ about miley giving me gay vibes. Not a bad thing! Just an observation.”

She continued to say that she’s not so “close minded” nor is she into stereotyping or “labeling.” and added:

“[I] could care less what gender [Miley] was attracted to But dont [sic] hate me for supporting her in whatever She chooses. Its all fine by me.”

While many continued to defend Miley‘s sexuality and her hair, Miley herself doesn’t seem to mind Wood‘s comments. She even replied to her  directly, saying:

“@evanrachelwood well said! ❤❤❤”

She continued:

“@evanrachelwood Let’s be friends.”

The two exchange pleasantries, until Wood tweeted last night:

“Now @Mileycyrus and i are friends. Let this be a lesson to all of you ;)”

Nothing trouble here!

What do you think of Wood‘s initial comment about Miley?

Photos Via Evan Rachel Wood‘s Twitter / Miley Cyrus‘ Twitter

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