Recent star news reveal that Kardashian momager KRIS JENNER‘s Twitter got hacked–by one of her daughters!–and unknowingly posted a boobilicious pic of herself on Twitter.

kris booby

We now have Khloe Kardashian to thank for yet another racy Kardashian photo… and with some cleavage! Except that it’s not of any of the usually scantily-clad sisters, because this one belongs to their mother.

After a good Mexican dinner with her daughter Khloe and family friend Nicole Richie, a sombrero-wearing (and possibly drunk) Kris was photographed showing off her considerably sized rack and cleavage.

Surprisingly, she didn’t upload it on her Twitter right away. Not surprisingly, Khloe hacked her and posted the pic herself using Kris‘s Twitter! Khloe (as Kris) captioned the pic:


Moments later, the real Kris tweeted in her defense:

“Obviously hacked!!!!!!!!! Duh!!!!!”

But she still posed for that pic, didn’t she? Plus, she hasn’t taken down the photo.

Indeed, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Do you think Kris’s chesty shot is hot or gross?

Photo Via Kris Jenner‘s Twitter

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