Hollywood celebrity gossip tells us that LINDSAY LOHAN actually skipped town after being questioned regarding a recent home burglary in Hollywood Hills.


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Just one day after being questioned by the police over an alleged burglary at her friend’s house, La Lohan jumped on a plane to New York—which kind of makes her look guilty. But hey, we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt… maybe she was just wanted a change of scenery, away from all the tantrum-inducing parties in L.A.

Or hey, maybe she needed to get away because she’s too upset over her new, unplanned sibling, courtesy of Michael Lohan and Kate Major.

Whatever her reasons were for jetting off to the Big Apple, one thing’s for sure—things are not looking good for Lindsay.

The owner of the home that was allegedly burglarized reportedly thinks that Lindsay was the one who invited thieves into the place, and though LiLo told the cops that she had nothing to do with it, her sudden departure may have been a step in the wrong direction.

Do you think Lindsay really did have a hand in the burglary?

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