According to the latest Hollywood celebrity gossip, MARIAH CAREY is pissed over the possibility of NICKI MINAJ joining her on “American Idol” as a judge.

Selfish much?

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As previously reported, Mariah has recently signed on as the newest “American Idol” judge, to fill one of the seats vacated by former judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

And while there is one more seat to be filled—not to forget the slight possibility of having a 3rd vacant seat if the show’s sole original judge, Randy Jackson, decides not to come back—the show has a growing list of potential (and younger) judges lining up for the opportunity.

However, new judge Mariah does not seem to be happy about the news that Nicki Minaj would most likely be sitting next to her.

The problem? Sources told TMZ:

Mariah was led to believe she would be the only woman on the judge’s panel.  Choosing Nicki would not only crush that expectation, it would add insult to injury because Nicki (29) is a lot younger than Mariah (42).”

The site goes on to report that if Mariah and Nicki—or any other female celebrity—were to judge, having just one other man on the panel would be a “mistake” so the show will most likely have to hire a 4th male judge.

As for who may be considered for the 4th male judge spot, the site reveals Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias are leading the list.

Something tells us Fox has a long way to go before announcing the final judge round up.

What do you think of Nicki and Mariah being on the judges panel together?

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