MILA KUNIS and ASHTON KUTCHER went on a date at a baseball game on Wednesday night… with Mila’s parents!

Looks like things are getting serious between these two!

milakunis ashtonkutcher baseball3

Mila and Ashton, who started dating in April, are definitely pushing their relationship to a whole new level, it seems. At first it was just “friendly” dates… but then they progressed to kissing at parties, going on vacation in Bali together, and then to visiting each other on set…

And now, they’ve graduated to going out with their parents—or in this case, Mila’s parents.

milakunis ashtonkutcher baseball2

The two enjoyed an L.A. Dodgers game on Wednesday night with Mila’s folks, and despite the presence of the parentals, Ashton and Mila got quite cozy with each other—even sneaking a quick kiss behind the cover of Ashton’s baseball cap!


Photos Via Video Screen Grabs

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