In recent celebrity news, poor ROBERT PATTINSON had to endure a very awkward KRISTEN STEWART comment during a recent NY Times panel interview with journalist DAVID CARR.

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Despite the tumultuous state of his personal life (thanks to his cheating girlfriend Kristen Stewart), Robert Pattinson has been brave enough to show up for all his scheduled interviews to promote his new movie, “Cosmopolis”… and thankfully, before this last one, both of them went well.

For the first interview, which was on “The Today Show” with host Jon Stewart, the actor was given a pep talk and some ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, and for the second one with George Stephanopoulos of “Good Morning America”, Rob was gifted with a big box of cereal.

His latest interview, however, didn’t go as smoothly—and not just because the interviewer neglected to present him with a snack.

On Wednesday, Rob and his “Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg did an interview on the New York Times panel to discuss their new film. When Rob was asked about what he thought of America’s obsession with fame and celebrity, the sexy Brit responded:

“I think it’s because America really wants to have a royal family… You want to have a democratic royal family.”

He added:

“It’s a meritocratic version of it, sort of, actually, not it’s not at all.”

Now here’s where things got awkward. The interviewer, David Carr, then said to Rob:

”So if you and Kristen have trouble, it’s like [Prince] Charles and [Princess] Di having trouble.”


Watch the video below to see Rob’s reaction to the awkward Kristen comment:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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