VANESSA HUDGENS wore skimpy black underwear and danced around a stripper pole in the newly released trailer for “Frozen Ground.”

Gone are the “High School” musical days, indeed!

vanessa hudgens stripping1

Vanessa Hudgens has grown up so much since she starred as good girl Gabriella in the “High School Musical” film series and she highlights this fact by taking on a racy and very liberating role as a stripper in the her new movie, “Frozen Ground.”

We can’t say that we didn’t see it coming—we’ve seen Vanessa shed her cutesy image by wearing string bikinis for her last movie, “Spring Breakers,” her shocking nude photos and has been exposing her cleavage a lot lately so she was truly ready to bare almost all and prance around a stripper pole.

In the film, which also stars John Cusack, 50 Cent and Dean Norris, is based on actual events and focuses on an Alaska State Trooper—played by Nicolas Cage—and Hudgens, as he goes after a serial killer named Robert Hansen.

Will you be watching Vanessa Hudgens when the film premieres on November 30?

Check out the super sexy screenshots of the movie’s trailer to see Vanessa do her “job”:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

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