In recent celebrity news, troubled actress AMANDA BYNES was reportedly kicked out of her gym earlier this week… because of her very strange behavior.

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Amanda Bynes may not like being compared to resident Hollywood train wreck Lindsay Lohan, but thanks to her increasingly erratic—and unlawful—behavior, that’s exactly what people are going to be doing.

The “Easy A” star was spotted last week smoking what appeared to be marijuana while driving on a suspended license, and before that she had a series of hit-and-run incidents and a DUI arrest. But despite the fact that a judge has officially warned her to stay out of trouble, we can’t help but think that the worst is yet to come…

Amanda, who is suspected to have some major mental health issues, was recently kicked out of her gym (but not banned) for acting very weird and sort of disrupting a spinning class.

TMZ reports:

Amanda was attending a 50-minute spin class at Equinox when she suddenly stopped participating in the class and aimlessly walked around looking to switch bikes… Once Amanda found a replacement — closer to the room’s giant mirror — we’re told Amanda started cycling again, but removed her top, revealing a “tiny black strapless push up bra … not a sports bra.””

After her little strip show, Amanda reportedly stopped cycling again, picked up her bag, and proceeded to reapply her makeup while sitting on her bike.

Odd, isn’t it? Who does their makeup in the middle of a workout session? We would have understood if she simply reapplied her lipstick or powdered her nose… but Amanda reportedly applied a full face of makeup—even her eyeliner!

According to TMZ’s sources, after ten WHOLE minutes of the makeup episode, the instructor finally got pissed and made Amanda leave the class.

Weird? Or just narcissistic?

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