The latest celebrity news reports that AMANDA BYNES was pulled over by the cops again… and this time, her car got impounded for driving with a suspended license.


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Ever since the road accident-prone Amanda Bynes got her California license suspended by the DMV—following her charges for two misdemeanor hit-and-run incidents—she has been driving aimlessly around Los Angeles like there was nothing wrong.

She got pulled over last week for driving without headlights and was lucky that cops didn’t run her license. In addition to that, she was also photographed smoking what appeared to be marijuana on a car drug pipe in her car, making cops fear the lives of motorists that get in Amanda‘s way.

But today, she got what she deserved.

According to a report by TMZ:

Bynes was pulled over in her black BMW around 9:00 AM in Burbank, CA. We’re told when cops ran her license they discovered it was suspended. “

She was then issued a misdemeanor ticket for driving on a suspended license.

You think Amanda will end up driving another car or will she finally get her own driver?

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ

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