According to the latest star news, ANDERSON COOPER slammed LINDSAY LOHAN on television today by telling her to stop minding other people’s business and “just do your job.”

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Anderson Cooper slammed Lindsay Lohan on his talk show today after talking about Hollywood’s newest troubled young actress, Amanda Bynes.

As you may remember, the “Mean Girls” star complained about Amanda Bynes getting off easy with her own driving violations, legal issues and alleged drug use—which, as you may have expected, didn’t sit well with Amanda as she didn’t like being compared to someone who’s been convicted of stealing, among many other things.

Although Cooper admitted that he didn’t know the actress personally but he felt “bad for her” and wished “nothing but the best” for her, he believed that the “Liz & Dick” actress should stop interfering with Amanda‘s issues—or anyone else’s, for that matter.

The talk show host said on his show “Anderson Live”:

“If I’m Lindsay Lohan, I would just be quiet and just do your job.”

He continued:

“Get off Twitter, just stop hanging out,and just do your job and comeback. Everyone loves a comeback. Everyone’s rooting for you.”

Do you agree with Cooper?

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