BAM MARGERA thinks his naked stalker gave him herpes.

How the heck is that possible?

bam margera herpes lip

Bam Margera now worries that his recent encounter with a naked female stalker (she broke into his house, woke him up with a kiss and pleasured herself on his bedroom floor before he threw her out of his home) left him with something very unpleasant.

The fearless “Jackass” star and his pal Tony Hawk posted a YouTube video where Bam told Tony about the incident and revealed that he woke up the day after with a sore on his bottom lip.

Of course we know that a giant sore—right where she kissed him!—could be a sign that he got herpes.

You can even see the sore in the video. Check it out:

Do you think Bam got herpes or was he really just stressed about the whole thing?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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