In recent celebrity news, DEMI LOVATO got called an “obnoxious little brat” by SIMON COWELL after she spit a mouthful of mints in his hand during a recent “X Factor” taping.


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The singer, who signed on to become a judge on “X Factor” a few months ago with fellow pop star Britney Spears, has apparently been doing really well on the show, despite being the youngest member of the judging panel.

Until now, that is.

When Simon asked Demi to give her opinion on a contestant’s performance during one of their tapings, the 20-year-old singer was apparently caught off-guard and started laughing. She then turned to the mic and explained:

“I have like, 12 mints in my mouth.”

And while Simon was trying to apologize to the contestant for Demi’s unprofessionalism, the mint-gobbling songstress grabbed his arm… and spat all of her half-eaten mints in his hand.

As the audience—and fellow judges Britney and L.A. Reid—reacted with a combination of delight and disgust, Simon said:

“Really, really grown up, Demi… obnoxious little brat!”

Watch a clip of Demi’s mint-spitting episode HERE.

Do you think Demi’s antics were funny? Or just totally disgusting?

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