The latest entertainment news reports that JUSTIN BIEBER threw up on stage during his Arizona concert last night.


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It looks like Justin Bieber has just gotten a bad case of Bieber Fever because in the middle of one of his songs during the Glendale, Arizona leg of his “Believe” tour, he turned his back on the crowd and puked right in the middle of the stage!

But because the teenage pop star truly loves his fans, he refused to stop performing even after being forced to leave the stage due to his illness (probably to puke some more)… just like when he insisted to continue his show even after suffering a concussion for running into a glass wall last June.

The Biebs later apologized to the audience for being sick… But we’re guessing no one cared, except those in the front row who were probably grossed out by the whole thing.

Watch if you dare:

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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