JUSTIN BIEBER‘s mom PATTIE MALLETTE thinks her son’s girlfriend, SELENA GOMEZ, is a “sweetheart.”

Needless to say, she approves of her!

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When Justin Bieber‘s beloved mother grew up, she sure didn’t have the life that her famous 18-year-old son is now living. As revealed in her new memoir, “Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom,” Pattie Mallette opened up about her struggles as a teenage mom as well as her tragic history of sexual abuse.

But now that she is living her dream life—thanks to the fruits of Justin‘s success—she had a lot to teach about sex, love and personal struggles to her maturing teenage boy.

Pattie told Us Weekly in a recent interview:

“I’ve been through so much pain in my life that I’ve just always taught him don’t learn the hard way. Learn from my mistakes.”

The 36-year-old mom, who lost her virginity at age 15 and accidentally got pregnant with Justin at 17, shared:

“My parents split at an early age . . . then I started getting sexually abused starting at age 4. And there was some ongoing abuse up until I was about 10 years old. It really skewed my view of men, sex . . . everything pure.”

Of course, Pattie also touched on Justin‘s current love life and had nothing but good words for his adorable pop star girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Pattie said:

“I love Selena. She’s a sweetheart. What you see is how she is. She’s good for him. They’re good together. They’re adorable.”

Although Mallette continues to be there for her son, she hopes her story will also be enough to guide him. She added:

“He started hearing my story when he was about 12 years old. I just hope that he’s able to use some of that instead of going through things the hard way.”

Justin‘s obviously very lucky to have such a down-to-earth mother like Pattie.

Don’t you agree?

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