In recent entertainment news, KANYE WEST’s new song “Clique” talks about his girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN’s infamous sex tape.


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Kanye seems to be making it a habit to use his bootylicious girlfriend as fodder for his new songs.

After rapping about how he “fell in love with Kim” in his song “Cold” (originally named “Theraflu” then later changed to “Way Too Cold”), the rapper then wrote another song about his reality star girlfriend in a song dedicated to herthe controversially titled “Perfect B*tch”.

Therefore, his latest single “Clique”—from his upcoming album “Cruel Summer”—is officially the third song in which he references Kim Kardashian… and the sex tape that rocketed her to reality stardom.

The lyric goes:

“Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

Obviously, Kanye is referencing Kim’s sex tape, “Kim Kardashian: Superstar”, with ex-boyfriend Ray J, which Kim has openly credited to being the thing that made her famous.

We know Kanye’s just trying to brag about how Kim became an international star “all from a home movie”… but it seems so wrong for a boyfriend to rap about his girlfriend’s sex tape with another man.

Do you agree?

Listen to a clip of Kanye’s new song HERE.

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