KIM KARDASHIAN tweeted a pic of her cheerful self with her “BF” recently, recent star news has learned.

Who else would it be?

kim kardashian and bf

We never thought it would be possible but Kim took a break from showing off her curves—you know, her impressive knockers and her mega famous butt, which she can hardly keep in her pants—and uploaded a photo of herself with her fifth prized possession (if you know what we mean).

Of course, we’re talking about her rapper boyfriend, Kanye West.

We all know Kim‘s seeing him but it’s the first time that she’s confirmed it.

Surprising many of us, although it’s definitely old news, she labeled Kanye in the caption:

“BF Time.”

A cute photo all in all, we must say, considering that there’s no pretensions here (at least we hope so)—Kim is just seen giggling at a serious looking Kanye, with no blings or couple sneakers in sight.

What can you say about Kim and Kanye‘s pic?

Photo Via Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter

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