KIM KARDASHIAN wore a see through bra in one of her latest Twitter photos and wished her fans “Sweet Dreams” with it.

Unfortunately, we don’t think many were able to sleep after seeing this image:

kim kardashian sweet dreams

As usual, Kim Kardashian couldn’t bear do a racy photo shoot—which she once called a “vintage” shoot where she lays down on a slab in a semi-sheer white lingerie with garter belts, a pearl necklace and some fur—and not show it to her fans.

But while she looked like she was in a rather uncomfortable pose and clothing to sleep in (although she’s obviously very used to wearing lingerie by now) the reality star tweeted “Goodnight” along with the picture.

kim kardashian sweet dreamss

And to make sure that viewers do get a good night’s sleep, she uploaded a closer shot—this time, with her left nipple more visible through her bra—with the message:

“Sweet dreams.”

Clearly, jammies and night gowns are overrated.

What can you say about Kim‘s latest lingerie pics?

Photos Via Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter

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