In recent Hollywood news, KRISTEN STEWART is reportedly still “clinging onto the belief” that ROBERT PATTINSON will take her back.

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Despite reports that she flirted and made a date with James Franco at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada, Kristen still hasn’t given up on her relationship with Rob.

Kristen has been suffering from the intense backlash brought about by her cheating scandal with married director Rupert Sanders these past few months, but the hardest thing the “Twilight” star has had to deal with is the fact that she and Rob may never get back together. Nonetheless, if the fact that she still continues to wear his clothes out in public is any indication, she still hasn’t lost hope.

A source tells

Kristen is clinging onto the belief that Robert will eventually forgive her for the cheating scandal and they will get back together.”

The insider continues:

“She doesn’t want to even picture the idea of Robert meeting someone else, despite her recent flirtation with James Franco, because it fills her with dread.”

And though Kristen recently bought a house in Malibu for her and her mom, she hasn’t given up on the hope that Rob will forgive her and ask her to move in with him again in a new home.

The source explains:

“The Malibu property was bought specifically for Kristen’s mom, Jules. It’s a temporary home for Kristen for the time being, but she’s praying that when Robert finds a new place, whether it’s in Los Angeles or London, they could maybe start over again.”

But is there really any chance that Rob will forgive her and take her back? The insider says:

“It’s still all up in the air. Robert has no idea what he wants to do and he’s dithering over a decision. He loves Kristen, but his family told him to forget about any ideas he has of taking her back.”

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