ROBERT PATTINSON broods in a recently aired “Live with KELLY & MICHAEL” spoof on “Saturday Night Live.”

Check him out:

robert pattinson spoofed

Robert Pattinson appeared in a spoof of “Live with Kelly & Michael” on “Saturday Night Live,” except it wasn’t really the “Twilight” star… he was also being spoofed by Bill Hader.

Looking dapper with a suit and semi-ducktailed hair, “Robert” appeared on the show for an interview. Naturally, he was asked if he and cheating “trampire” girlfriend, Kristen Stewartwere back together, to which he answered:

“I’m here to talk about my movie Cosmopolis.”

Then he was asked how he’s been handling the media, but he was simply more interested in playing with his hair and brooding for the rest of the interview.

Wonder how the real Robert would react to being portrayed like that?

Watch the clip below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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