Hollywood celebrity gossip tells us that there’s a new celebrity feud brewing… between SELENA GOMEZ and VANESSA HUDGENS!

So what’s it about?

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According to reports, Vanessa is allegedly “furious” about the fact that Selena was chosen to be featured in the 2013 Vanity Fair Hollywood issue, because she thinks the only reason the former “Wizards of Waverly Place” star got in was because of her famous boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

The two brunette beauties, who both star in the upcoming film “Spring Breakers” with Ashley Benson and James Franco, are now at odds with each other because of Vanessa’s sourgraping. Sources told Star Magazine:

“[Vanessa] has been saying that if she was still with Zac [Efron], she would have gotten into the magazine the same way Selena got in because of Justin [Bieber].”

As we all know, Vanessa dated Zac for about five years, and during that time they were considered one of Hollywood’s “it” couples. Since their split, however, the actress’ popularity has noticeably diminished, while her ex is still very much in demand—he’s even moved on to co-starring with big names such as Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The insiders also revealed:

Vanessa won’t let it go… [she is] absolutely furious… especially since she has a much bigger part in Spring Breakers than Selena does.”

A source close to the “High School Musical” star added:

“She’s convinced that dating Justin Bieber is giving Selena the edge.”

Do you think this is true?

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