In recent celebrity news, CHRIS BROWN admits in a “drunken” video that he loves both RIHANNA and KARRUECHE TRAN

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Well, it’s been pretty obvious to everyone that Chris still carried a torch for Rihanna, what with the constant reconciliation rumors, their public kiss at the VMAs, and the very recent “dates” they had—at a NYC nightclub on Monday and a Jay-Z concert in Brooklyn on Wednesday—while the “Turn Up The Music” singer was technically still in a relationship with his now-ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

Now Chris, who finally broke up with Karrueche a few days ago, knows that this situation makes him look like a total jerk… so he created a video explaining his side in this whole mess, saying that he unfortunately found himself in love with two people.

The singer posted a link to the video on his Twitter, which he entitled “The Real Chris Brown”… and it was obviously professionally produced. Kind of like a documentary… but more, well, fake.

The short film shows a “drunken” Chris talking about his “real” feelings for both Rihanna and Karrueche, while alternately showing various clips of him with both women at separate occasions.

We get that he’s trying to tell people his side of the story, but it seems so strange to do it with an obviously staged video.

Watch and see for yourself:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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