The “Gossip Girl” cast recently shared some cute pics from the wrap party for the show’s final season… and here’s an especially adorable one of CHACE CRAWFORD (aka Nate Archibald) covered in cake!


Sadly, “Gossip Girl” has come to an end—for the stars, at least.

While there are a few episodes left ‘til the actual end of the season for us loyal fans, the show’s cast members have already said their goodbyes to their Upper East Side counterparts after filming the show’s last season finale.

Some of the photos show the cast—particularly Chace Crawford (shown above), Penn Badgley, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Blake Lively—with cake and icing all over their faces, which suggests that they enjoyed a quick wrap party on set… with cake!


Other shots show the cast members (including Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, and returning guest star Sebastian Stan) in formal wear, suggesting that the entire cast went out on the town after their cake food fight for a more glamorous gathering…


Are you sad that “Gossip Girl” is almost over?

Photos Via Facebook / Instagram

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