According to Hollywood news, HULK HOGAN has turned to the FBI for help in tracking down his sex tape leaker.

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At this point, there are no real suspects when it comes to who leaked Hulk Hogan‘s cringe-worthy sex tape to the media just recently. Although, his so-called BFF, Bubba the Love Sponge, whose ex wife is the lady that Hogan is doing in the naked footage, is being rumored to have orchestrated the filming in hopes of profiting from it.

But whoever it is, fake friend or not, Hogan is out to make the leaker pay and he wants the person found as soon as possible.

According to TMZ, Hogan initially tried to do it via a police report in Florida but the cops couldn’t help him. The site reported two main reasons:

1) Because the tape was recorded in 2006, the four-year statute of limitations had expired on the offense of unlawfully recording Hulk without his permission.

2) The other offense — distributing the illegal footage to the media — crosses state lines, so it’s a federal problem … not a local one.

Hulk’s lawyer now reveals that his client has referred the matter to the FBI and will be meeting with them on Monday.

Good luck with that!

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