JACK OSBOURNE finally broke his silence about saving a drowning woman’s life in Hawaii earlier this week, telling celebrity news not to call him a hero.

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Jack Osbourne rushed to the rescue of a drowning woman a day in Hawaii on October 8—the first day of his honeymoon—and it left him to receive both praises and negative backlash from “oddly and hostile fans.”

His new wife, Lisa Stelly, gushed about the incident on Twitter, saying that Jack and his friend saved a woman (who also suffered a heart attack) performed CPR on the victim until paramedics arrived at the scene.

While Osbourne appreciates the good words, he didn’t want to be credited as the only lifesaver.

He wrote on his Facebook for the record:

“I never said I was the sole contributor in the rescue. In fact, I haven’t said anything at all. The last thing I want to do is take all of the credit when in fact there were a few people who helped save her life.”

Jack then got into details about how he and his friend Tyler, who was actually a former Army operator, helped five other people in resuscitating the woman all under the direction of a neurosurgeon from Japan who was also in the scene.

Then, Jack claimed he and his friend lifted the victim onto a spine board and did the chest compressions while a golf cart transported her to a nearby hotel where an ambulance was waiting.

The documentary producer continued:

“Once we arrived, we waited for the EMT for approximately 4-6 minutes. During that time, I continued to administer chest compressions. As soon as the EMTs arrived, I backed away and let them take over.”

He concluded on his page:

“I hope she has a speedy recovery.”

What do you think? Do you still think Jack should be considered a hero?

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