JUSTIN BIEBER recently spoke about his family, proudly telling star news that he broke the cycle of his family’s continued poverty.


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Justin Bieber has not only made his mommy proud with his success so far as a world-famous pop superstar before he even turned 18, he also saved his entire family (and future kin) from hardship.

The “Boyfriend” crooner, who is currently raking in more money from his sold-out “Believe” tour, opened up about his family’s financial problems as well as how he plans to keep himself from going “down.”

Justin told the Daily Mail in a recent interview:

”My family are all poor, so the cycle would have continued. My kids would have been poor, and their kids would have been too.”

He proudly said:

“I feel I broke the cycle, and when you get to break the cycle, you don’t go back. If I hadn’t found music my life would have been bad.”

Now that he has been generously blessed, he is determined to continuously give back and “create an empire.”

Justin said:

“I want people to know I don’t just sing songs.”

He went on to note that he helped launch “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen by bringing her under his wing and record label, and that he has been investing in “start-ups and IT.”

The teen superstar, who graduated high school this year, added:

‘The education I’ve had you couldn’t get in any school.”

He also revealed that while he hangs out with his fellow young male stars from One Direction and The Wanted, he stays responsible by not having too much fun.

“I keep my distance when they go to clubs to have their fun – I go home.”

He continued:

“Drinking is definitely one way, but it’s not for me. I still want people to think I’m a good person, a good influence. I want to be around tomorrow.”

Clearly, the Biebs has learned from other stars who “go off at the deep end, get full of themselves, think they’re the best and end up not being anything.”

Looks like we won’t be seeing a JB meltdown in the future. He reflected:

“I’ve worked way too hard for that.”

Justin told the publication:

“Now I’m at the top there’s nowhere to go but down; for me it’s about staying standing at the top.”

But then again, we’ve also heard other troubled stars who have said the exact same thing early in their careers. Hopefully, Justin‘s statements stick!

Are you proud of Justin‘s achievements?

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