KATE UPTON wore a sexy pair of leopard-print underwear and flaunted her famous cleavage as she posed inside a stable for her sizzling photo shoot for Cosmopolitan’s upcoming issue, star news reports.

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Once again, Kate Upton showcased her awesome rack, her fantastic cleavage and her all-American curves, this time in a set of sizzling hot leopard-print bikinis while she poses in a horse’s crib for her latest photo shoot with Cosmopolitan.

Sadly, there was no horse-riding to better appreciate her God-given assets… if you know what we mean.

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In the accompanying video interview with the magazine, the seductive blonde offered some tips on how men can start a conversation with women without the use of pick-up lines. She said:

“All pick-up lines are horrible. None of them work. You just make a fool of yourself. Just be yourself and have a normal conversation.”

Kate added that she actually finds humor “sexy in a guy” and revealed what her perfect first date would be:

“My idea of a perfect first date is something simple. Nothing too showy.”

But then of course, she would expect her date to pick up the bill. She revealed:

“I always bring $20 and my cellphone and that’s it. So they have to pay for the first date but I have $20 just in case I need to catch a cab.”

Perhaps that is if and when her date doesn’t go well, because who wouldn’t want to bring her (to her) home?

Check more of Kate‘s hot Cosmopolitan photos below:

Photos Via Cosmopolitan / Video Screen Grab

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