LADY GAGA and her boyfriend TAYLOR KINNEY are already talking marriage and babies, according to the latest Hollywood news and gossip.

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As Gaga’s super hunky boyfriend revealed during his “Today Show” interview earlier this week, he and the pop superstar enjoy a fairly “normal” relationship… contrary to what most people have assumed.

In fact, their relationship is so normal that, like any loving couple who has been dating for over a year, they have now progressed to talking about marriage and procreation.

An insider tells

Gaga is crazy about Taylor and they really have a good thing going. He makes her so happy… Lately all Gaga can talk about is settling down with Taylor. She’s really eager to get married and start a family with him.”

The source adds:

Gaga gushes to everyone about how in love she is with Taylor… She really thinks he’s the one and would be willing to give up some of the focus on her career to marry him and have kids.”

Are you happy for Gaga?

Photo Via Lady Gaga‘s Twitter

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