LINDSAY LOHAN‘s three siblings—ALI, MICHAEL JR. and CODY—have spoken out about their estranged dad, MICHAEL, following the Lohan family drama that has been headlining in the latest Hollywood news.

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Once again, Lindsay Lohan has been bothered by her own dad, Michael, who wants to take over her life ever since she declared that she was “done” with him… and for good this time. Her mother, Dina, supported the declaration and wants LiLo to get a permanent order of protection against Michael.

Now it seems her younger siblings—namely Ali, Michael Jr. and Cody—share the same sentiment and feelings about their deadbeat father.

Lindsay‘s younger brother, Michael Jr., broke his silence on the issue regarding their father to Extra:

“I think it’s unfortunate that the public had to be unwittingly invited into the lives of my family members due to my father’s lies. That being said, I think everyone can understand and see why my sisters, brother, mother and I do not associate with him anymore.”

Her younger sister, Ali, released a plea directed at Michael:

“Take this as your other daughter’s plea to an absent father. I have always tried to stay out of the press because it hurts me to see how you malign my mother. But in this instance, I am breaking my silence. Please stop waging your own personal war against my family. We don’t need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years.”

Even their youngest brother, Cody, had something to say. He angrily declared:

“I have no good memories of my so called father. He has never been part of my life, and needs to leave my family alone!”


Looks like the order of protection will have to cover Michael‘s entire family…

What can you say about Lindsay‘s siblings’ brutal statements against their father?

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