According to the latest Hollywood news, MICHAEL LOHAN wants to become his daughter LINDSAY LOHAN‘s permanent legal conservator.

Now that’s just crazy

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The latest Lohan family drama tells us that Lindsay Lohan‘s own deadbeat dad, Michael, wishes to be named her conservator… but not to steal control the actress’ finances—it’s for her welfare.

The report comes after LiLo insisted that she was finally “done” with Michael as well as her and her mom Dina‘s declaration that she she should get a permanent order of protection against her father. Meanwhile, Michael continues to fight for his name and prove his credibility as a father by insisting Dina is the one who is destroying their children’s lives.

As you may also remember, Michael (and Lindsay‘s legal team) tried to force her to head back to rehab recently but she simply called the cops on him, so he told his lawyers that once conservatorship is granted, he’ll finally admit her without the control of other people.

As for why he wants LiLo to go back, he told TMZ:

“She went in dirty and didn’t come out clean.”

According to the site, Michael also wants to finally convince Dina to go to family therapy, which he thinks would help speed her recovery big time.

Daddy Lohan will be meeting his lawyers this week but insists that while he wants the judge to decide on who should be named conservator, he doesn’t want Dina to get the title.

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