According to MICHAEL LOHAN, LINDSAY’s mom, DINA, is “destroying” her.

How so?

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Right after the violent fight between LiLo and Dina, which was mostly captured in an audio recording of the actress’ phone conversation with her dad Michael Lohan while the confrontation was happening, the “concerned” father decided to give an interview to reveal to the public the true nature of his daughter’s relationship with her mother.

On Wednesday, Michael told

Lindsay was hysterical last night… [she was] crying and upset.”

He added:

Lindsay said ‘Dina is destroying me!’”

Michael, who is widely seen as a “deadbeat” dad in the press, also revealed that Lindsay finally knows why he and Dina did not work out. He said:

Lindsay said that Dina does to her what she does to me! And she uses Ali and Cody to hurt her.”

Lindsay’s fight with her mom, which occurred at around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning while they were on their way home from a New York nightclub, was allegedly said to be about the $40,000 loan Lindsay gave Dina to help her keep her house, but another source says the fight started when the “Liz & Dick” star told her mother that she needed to go to rehab.

The domestic spat got rather violent, with Lindsay sustaining a gash on her leg from her mom, and the cops were called to the scene.

Michael also revealed that his daughter has been begging him, ever since the fight, to come to her aid and help her deal with her mother. He shared:

“She said that she wanted me to fly up there now. She doesn’t want her mother to demean her anymore.”

All we can say is, it’s a really messed-up home situation if Michael Lohan is actually the better parent in the Lohan household.

What can you say about the whole Lohan family drama?

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