In recent star news, MILEY CYRUS has revealed how LIAM HEMSWORTH proposed to her back in June during her recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.


Miley loves talking about her engagement, and during her chat with Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” to talk about her guest appearance on “Two and a Half Men”, the former Disney starlet revealed how her now-fiancé proposed to her over four months ago.

Sporting her infamous boyish hair, taut killer abs, and a whole lot of cleavage, Miley revealed to Jay Leno that the surprise engagement happened in her backyard after she recorded her cover of “Lilac Wine” for “Backyard Sessions”—a series of cover songs she performed with an acoustic band.

She says:

“About 20 minutes after the recording of that song — it’s one of Liam’s favorite songs. He asked me to marry him like 20 minutes later.”

Miley adds:

“So while I was singing that song I had no idea… And he’s sitting there, and I’m like, ‘He’s looking at me funny!’ And then, I knew.”

Aaww. Isn’t that sweet? Watch Miley’s interview with Jay Leno below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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