NICK LACHEY and his 1-month-old baby CAMDEN is seen sporting matching Cincinnati Bengals outfits in an adorable new pic that he uploaded himself on Facebook earlier today.

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Not to be outdone by his wife and baby momma, Vanessa, Nick Lachey also shared an adorable snapshot of himself bonding with their 1-month-old son, Camden, and for Tide’s Show Us Your Colors football campaign.

In the precious photo, Nick is seen planting a kiss on top of his first child’s tiny head and they are both wearing Cincinnati Bengals apparel—a long-sleeved shirt for daddy and and a onesie for little Camden—in support of Lachey’s favorite team from his hometown.

The former 98 Degrees boy bander explained to People about the matching outfits:

“I’m an avid, passionate, lifelong Bengals fan, so this was kind of a no-brainer for me,”

He continued:

“Having a new son and being able to pass on my passion for my hometown team to him is great. I’m glad I have a son because in the middle of a great sports season, I can share those big moments with him. If I had a daughter, she’d probably be doing the same thing, but she’d probably resent me a little more for it.”

Well he can just leave that to Vanessa!

What can you say about the cute photo of Nick with his son?

Photo Via Tide’s Facebook

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