RIHANNA tweeted a pic showing herself in bed while smoking what appears to be weed, according to celebrity news.


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Rihanna sparked a different controversy amid reconciliation rumors surrounding her and her rapper ex boyfriend-turned-good “friend,” Chris Brown, with whom she has been hanging out more frequently (again) since he became single earlier this month.

The songstress, who is quite fond of tweeting random self-portraits every once in a while, shared a shocking photo of herself with messy bangs, a white sleeveless top and what appeared to be a roll of marijuana in brown paper in her fingers.

It’s no shock that RiRi smokes cigarettes—as we’ve seen in the recently surfaced video of her partying with Chris—but weed too?

Her photo was even captioned:

“Breakfast in bed”

Another sign that she could be using dope was another tweet from last Saturday, in which she referred to the popular term for the use of marijuana:



On the other hand, it could very well be just a cigar…

What do you think Rihanna was really smoking in the photo?

Photo Via Rihanna‘s Twitter

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