Singer STEVIE NICKS recently spoke of her opinion on NICKI MINAJ, who had been cursing out her “American Idol” co-judge, MARIAH CAREY, saying:

“If I were Mariah, I would have strangled her to death.”

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Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s ongoing feud on “American Idol” may be staged for ratings but people are definitely taking it seriously.

Following rapper Example’s slam about the “Starships” singer. “Fleetwood Mac” singer Stevie Nicks also ranted about the new war freak judge who allegedly threatened to shoot Mariah.

Nicks said:

“How dare this little girl! If I had been Mariah I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there.”

The enraged 64-year-old singer continued:

“I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it.”


Clearly, many are siding with Mariah.

But whose side are you on?

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