According to the latest star news, TAYLOR KINNEY has revealed that dating LADY GAGA is pretty “normal.”

Gaga? Normal? Surely you jest!

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Taylor Kinney, who has been dating Lady Gaga for over a year now, appears to be a very normal (yet super hunky) guy… especially when compared to his girlfriend, who is considered eccentric beyond belief thanks to her outlandish fashion choices and bizarre antics.

Due to this, it’s quite natural for people to wonder how his relationship with the Mother Monster works, as they appear to be two very different people. But the actor, who is also known for his brief stint as Mason Lockwood on “The Vampire Diaries,” insists that his romance with the pop superstar is totally “normal.”

When Taylor went on the “Today Show” to promote his new TV series “Chicago Fire,” he was asked if it was “strange” being with Gaga. He replied:

“I don’t know… I don’t have that outside view. I guess it’s normal… in that respect.”

The actor added:

“For whatever reason, it works.”

Taylor then said:

“I’m a happy guy… a lucky guy.”

Aww! How sweet.

Watch the rest of Taylor’s interview below:

Photo Via Lady Gaga‘s Twitter

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